Invest In Your Community

Increasingly new investment opportunities are popping up that use Community Bonds. If you are interested in investing, contact the organizations leading these investments listed below. CSI doesn’t take any responsibility for the nature or type of investment, we are simply sharing the word.

If you are offering a community bond investment and would like to have your project listed here, please email

DISCLAIMER: CSI is delighted to share these opportunities with folks interested in impact investing, but has not reviewed or assessed any of these opportunities.  Each investor must do their own assessment of the risk and reward inherent with each of this investments.

Organization Description Terms Website

SolarShare is a not for profit co-operative that allows Ontario citizens to invest in community-based solar energy installations.

$1,000 community solar bonds, with a 5-year term and 5% annual return.

ZooShare Biogas Co-operative Inc. is a non-profit renewable energy co-operative that is developing a 500 kW biogas plant on the grounds of the Toronto Zoo.

$5,000 Community Bonds (or $500 for Zoo members), 7 year term, 7% annual return
10 Carden Shared Space

10 Carden Shared Space has been a leader in social innovation in Guelph since it was founded in 2009. To enable a physical expansion, 10 Carden is redeveloping the Acker’s Furniture building.

$1,000 Community Bonds, 5 year term, 3% annual return paid semi-annually, and $50,000 Community Bonds, 5 year term, 4% annual return paid semi-annually

Oikocredit is one of the world’s largest sources of private funding to the microfinance sector, providing credit to trade cooperatives, fair trade organizations and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in the developing world.

$250 bonds, with a 5-year term and 1.75% annual return.