Community Bond

In the quest for funding, nonprofits have historically depended on those with deep pockets: government departments, foundations, corporate sponsors and individual philanthropists. This approach has sustained the sector for generations, but it limits the contribution of “regular citizens” to modest donations. Through emerging tools like the Community Bond, people of average means can be transformed from occasional donors or volunteers into citizen investors.

The Community Bond is an interest-bearing loan that is accessible to unaccredited investors and can only be issued by nonprofit organizations.

A Community Bond…

  1. is only offered by a nonprofit or charitable organization
  2. is accessibly priced for your community of supporters
  3. helps you grow your social impact
  4. allows you to leverage your greatest asset – your community

To learn more, get the Community Bond guide and templates in the store.

The book “The Community Bond – An Innovation in Social Finance” contains the story of how the Centre for Social Innovation bought a building. It is also a do-it-yourself guide to help your organization leverage its most important asset—its social capital—to pursue its mission, build its resiliency, and create more vibrant communities.

The templates—Investor Information Package, Term Sheet, Subscription Agreement, The Bond Document, and Trust Agreement—will give your organization an idea of the legal framework required to issue Community Bonds.