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A new model of community centre building

Publication: Toronto Star |

The Centre for Social Innovation has a new $16-million building on Spadina Ave. where people working on a multitude of good causes will come together to help themselves and each other.

The Sharing Economy – CBC, Ideas, Podcast

Publication: CBC, Ideas |

Anne Wright-Howard examines how the sharing economy challenges 20th century notions of ownership, commerce, government regulation, wealth and personal identity.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: Social Finance 101

Publication: TVO |
When we say social finance, we are talking about investment tools like microfinancing, community investing and sustainable business. The Agenda explores the ways social finance can make a difference.

Toronto community space selling $1,000 bonds to fund social change

Publication: Metro News |

The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) — Toronto’s internationally renowned co-working space for 800 companies and groups with a social mission — is selling bonds to help it pay for the cost of a new building it recently bought in downtown Toronto.

Community bond-ing in London

Publication: London Community News |

Last week, when representatives of Pillar Non-Profit Network and Emerging Leaders pitched their idea for a shared space social enterprise initiative to city council’s investment and economic prosperity committee, there was a passing reference to one source of funds for the downtown building the groups are considering.

Community bonds explained

Publication: National Crowdfunding Association of Canada |

Community bonds are interest-bearing bonds intended for small scale, non-accredited investors and can only be issued by a non-profit organization. But are they right for you?